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US : c'est pas de l'humour...

0 Reco 31/07/2007 à 20:25 par goldal

même si ça en a l'air

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génial : extrait :

Take a long and hard look at the chart above. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words or in this case, worth half a million. Many would be housing buyers have felt the angst of never being able to afford a home in Southern California. Anyone sitting on the sidelines for the past seven years has seen the largest historical run-up in housing and probably felt helpless at each consecutive jump in prices. “Housing has gone up 20 percent year over year,” became a monthly media sound bite embedded into the psyche of any California resident. We start out with a median price of $200,000 seven years ago and currently see median home prices of $520,000 in Los Angeles County. This double-digit year over year appreciation started in February of 2001 and didn’t end until April of 2006. That means housing never dropped below 10 percent yearly gains, (sometimes reaching gains of 26.6 percent) for 5 years and 2 months.

0 Reco 02/08/2007 à 14:46 par Phyllis24

le graphique est très parlant, en effet


0 Reco 11/11/2007 à 02:36 par Marsy13

Il faut voir les nouveaux graphiques US.

Ploufff !